Università di Bologna UNIBO

A public institution of higher education and also member of the UNA Europa Alliance, the University of Bologne is the oldest of European universities and one of the most important in Italy for Human Sciences. It has a rich programme in archaeology (Department of History and Cultures-Storia Culture Civilità), with a cursus on Prehistory and Protohistory in Italy and the Orient, Etruscology, Roman Archaeology, Medieval and Byzantine archaeology and Archaeology of the Americas.

The Archaeology Section (https://corsi.unibo.it/2cycle/Archaeology) has developed projects closely allied to the EUR’s themes, especially in landscape archaeology and migration archaeology, as well as running excavations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

The Heritage and Museums master’s programme under way since the beginning of the 2018 academic year has enabled awarding of double degrees, student exchanges and new synergies in heritage promotion studies, especially in archaeology.

One of the objectives is to continue development of student mobilities (double diplomas, even degrees granted at the European level in the name of Una Europa), but also teacher and researcher mobility, thus promoting circulation and updating of knowledge.