Doctoral School 112 – ED 112

The Doctoral School 112: the only doctoral school for archeaology on a national level

Created in 1990, l’École doctorale d’Archéologie (ED 112) is the only doctoral school exclusively dedicated to archaeology in France. It is among the thirteen doctoral schools in the University of Paris 1, coordinated since 2007 by the Collège des Écoles doctorales, seeks to align practices in the various fields and promotes interdisciplinarity in doctoral training.

Since January 2019, the DS 112 has 196 doctoral students supervised by some fifty research professors or researchers certified for supervising research. The School has a very broad scope, unique in France, from a chronological standpoint (from Prehistory to Modern), geographic reach (Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas, Oceania) and thematics (technology, environment, iconography), Heritage and Museums. The School attracts 35% of its doctoral students from abroad, due to its geographic scope and the close ties built up between the research teams and the host countries.