The EUR educational project aims to develop training in the latest methodological developments in cutting-edge research and innovation, in particular for methods of analysing archaeological remains using new technologies.

Particular emphasis will be placed on training in methods of acquiring and processing archaeological data with the digital tools of the “Digital archaeology”

The topics concerned are:

  • Prospecting and survey techniques (topography and development of digital field models and archaeological stripping surveys using laser tachometers, differential GPS, drone, laser scanner on tripod)
  • The recording and processing of artifact data (archaeological, geographic, collection, statistical and digital information systems)
  • Microscopic and physico-chemical analysis methods that characterize materials, ecofacts (carpological and osteological remains), wear and tear (binocular magnifiers, optical and confocal microscopes, SEM-Scanning Electron Microscope), elemental analysis methods (X-diffraction, electron microswave analysis microscope)
  • Image analysis, 3D modeling and 3D printing (photogrammetry, lasergrammetry and 3D printing)

The use of digital technologies will be essential to share and disseminate knowledge within this EUR. Methodological workshops will be based on practice and interactivity.