National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilisations – INALCO

The Inalco – Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales – is qualified as a ‘Grand établissement’ (Scientific, Cultural and Professional Public Institution / EPSCP Établissements Publics à caractère Scientifique, Culturel et Professionnel ), which teaches over a hundred languages and civilisations, from the bachelor’s degree to the doctorate within the framework of a great diversity of fields in human and social sciences applied to specific regions where some of these languages are used. Hence, the Inalco attracts archaeologists and anthropologists seeking to work in geographic areas requiring mastery of a specific language and which consequently are rarely studied in French or European universities. The Inalco thus plays a unique role in the career training of researchers.

The Inalco wishes to enrich its courses on East Asia (Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Japan), a cultural area developing rapidly. Thus, the new FRE 2025-IFRAE (French Institute for Research on East Asia) now brings together research professors from departments of Chinese, Korean and Japanese Studies.