The National Preventive Archaeology Institute – INRAP

The Inrap was created in accordance with the 2001 Law on preventive archaeology. The Institute is responsible for locating and studying archaeological heritage affected by territorial development and construction. It processes and spreads the results of its research to the scientific community and collaborates in teaching, cultural dissemination and valorization of archaeology in the public sphere.

As the essential actor in preventive archaeology, the Inrap favours innovative approaches in interpreting the remains discovered through its archaeological operations. The Institute strives to improve its technical procedures and to optimize its investigatory methods to fit diverse contexts. Collaboration between the ArChal and the INRAP will strengthen training, professionalism and research carried out by the EUR.

Archaeological training is one of the Inrap’s missions and, since 2014, the Institute has developed a national education plan through a pluridisciplinary, local and citizen approach. This programme is directed at archaeology students, secondary school teachers, mediators, etc.