Thematics & challenges

The EUR ArChal Project aims at identifying and analyzing, diachronically and transculturally, strategies adopted in the past in the face of global challenges. It thus proposes to the scientific community a totally unprecedented basis for knowledge on the subject, all the while placing the teaching of archaeology at the heart of citizen concerns.

Through building up reference data over the long term and through the plurality of its fields of application, archaeology, at the crossroads of disciplines, contributes to development of new methods adapted to the specificities of ecofacts and archaeological artefacts. This project likewise includes epistemological reflection on the contribution of archaeology to fundamental research and to the socio-economic repercussions of that research.

In a first stage, the methods utilized to identify the challenges of the past will be examined. While benefiting from the diversity of methods already mastered by research professors and researchers involved in the project, this area will be strengthened by new national and international collaborations. This interdisciplinary approach has proven quite indispensable for global and systemic analysis of archaeological results. The EUR ArChal will thus train students in cutting-edge techniques in archaeology, an essential stage in their professionalization.

Hence, the project is articulated around four challenges:

Challenge 1:
Environment and climate change
Challenge 2:
Power and inequalities
Challenge 3:
Conflicts, mobilities migrations
Challenge 4:
Technologies and innovation